Caustic Recovery Solutions

 E3's Caustic Recovery Systems™ (CRS™) is an ideally suited solution for recycling and recovering NaOH (sodium hydroxide) solution.  The CRS™ is based on the CERA-CLEAR™  "tip of the spear" proven technology providing recovery in an industry that has not had a robust predictable safe solution until now!

E3's Caustic Recovery System™ is ideally suited for recycling NaOH (sodium hydroxide) solutions for reuse with CIP systems for a wide range of industries including beverage, dairy, poultry, egg processing, meat and other food processing industries. The molecular structure of caustic material does not change with use. Biological material, proteins and bacteria are broken up on a cellular level, dead and inert. Ceramic filtration is an ideal solution to remove these materials, which returns the caustic solution to an ideal state, at temperature for energy recovery savings as well.

Example industries where CIP technologies are used include cheese and other dairy production facilities, beef and  pork processing facilities, chicken processing plants, egg processing and washing plants. Other examples are use in beverage and bottling plants where CIP systems are also utilized.

  • CRS™ Recovered caustic is of such quality that it can be directly returned to the make down tank for reuse
  • Sensors can be integrated for real-time quality management and alerts such as colorimters


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