Juice Clarification System™

The E3 Fluid Recovery Juice Clarification System™ (JCS™) is a Ceramic Element Filtration (CEF™)  technology which can filter liquids to the sub-micron level, effectively clarifying and removing fibers, pectin, bacteria, protein, color, cloudy pulp, and various other particulates and organic matter. At the heart of the JCS™ are the ceramic elements. Porosities to 0.01 microns are now available, providing the ability to remove all but the smallest organic molecules or soluble ions.  E3’s Juice Clarification Systems are ideally suited for juice clarification to achieve high quality filtered juice. Another well-suited application in the beverage industry is beer. The JCS™ can stabilize the microbial environment for beer, eliminating particulates including diatomite particles and colloids during a cold sterile filtration, all of which is key for the production of a quality beverage.