Who We are

E3 Fluid Recovery and Control Systems Inc. is a manufacturer and complete solutions provider for ceramic membrane systems for industrial and commercial applications. Founded on the principle of producing high-quality products at the most competitive prices, "E3" has continued to implement this strategy as our company and our customers have grown. E3 has invested more than two decades in the research, engineering, manufacturing and distribution of our ceramic membrane systems technology, chemical, water treatment and control systems that have earned the trust and respect of industry professionals, partners and a customer base that spans the globe. E3 continues to position itself at the forefront of innovative technologies and continually looks over the horizon, to better serve our customers and support their success with solutions. We are a superior manufacturer of ceramic membrane systems, ceramic membrane housings, and automation and control systems. E3's ceramic membrane systems represent the culmination of years of design expertise and are among the most durable, compact and highest-performing membrane solutions on the market. E3's ceramic membrane systems feature a diverse offering of innovative designs stemming from our core products. With more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture and production of ceramic membrane systems, E3's chemical engineers, systems engineers, and scientists are experienced in the complexities of performance and sustainability in industrial and commercial applications.

Product Families