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CERA-CLEAR™ ceramic systems can save up to 80% of both water and energy – Energy costs can easily account for half the total utility costs for the water used in a process plant.  Compared with systems, for example, whose additional tanks and pumps don’t just require more energy to operate, but actually cause major losses of energy, CERA-CLEAR™ ceramic systems are far more energy efficient. CERA-CLEAR™ ceramic systems return all the water recovered at the temperature at which it was supplied. We can process streams at any temperature.


CERA-CLEAR™ ceramic systems are chemically, biologically, and thermally inert – our systems can handle virtually ANY wastewater stream in the plant; unlike some competitors, there is no need to segregate streams based on O&G loading, color, chemicals, temperature, etc.


CERA-CLEAR™ does true filtration down to micro, ultra, and nano filtration levels – Unlike companies using sand filters, CERA-CLEAR™ ceramic systems are absolute filters that produce a much higher quality filtrate.  Systems that use sand filters cannot filter down to a level that guarantees the removal of all bacteria from a wastewater stream.


Long working life – CERA-CLEAR™ ceramic systems should last the life of the plant; there are no replaceable media, like the carbon, sand, UV lamps, O3 generators, etc., found in some company’s systems.  Other systems using carbon media require media replacement based on the organic loading; similarly for sand filters depending on the nature of waste; their “service” contracts for doing this are expensive and are an ongoing hidden cost leaving you hostage to ongoing expenses.


CERA-CLEAR™ ceramic systems have a very small footprint relative to others; everything on one 4’ x 8’ skid cf. versus others’ systems of sand filters, carbon filters and additional tanks and pumps which require significantly more real estate.  In addition, our system is extremely simple to install – five connections, all on the same side of the skid.

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